Nikkei 225 gaps higher

Chris L
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Nikkei 225

The Nikkei 225 gaps higher at the open on Monday and then pulls back to find buyers underneath. Because of this, and the relief of the French election results, looks as if markets in general are fairly positive. With this in mind, break above the top of the trading range for the session should be a buying opportunity.

Buying Nikkei 225 just above ¥19,000
stop loss at ¥18,900
take profit at ¥20,000

The EUR/USD pair gapped higher with the results of the French election, so it now looks as if buyers will continue to flood into the market. With this in mind, I have no interest in shorting the EUR.

Buying the EUR/USD in this vicinity
stop loss at 1.0750
take profit at 1.10

Gold markets gapped lower on Monday, as the French elections had more of a "risk on" feel. However, there is a significant amount of support below, and I would be interested in buying gold if it reaches towards the $1260 level.

Buying gold near $1260
stop loss at $1250
take profit at $1290

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