Privacy Policy

Apex Signals Limited (‘the Company” or “We”) is the owner of (“the Website”) Collectively and Separately known as the (“the Service”).  We are committed to protecting your privacy as well as devoted to keeping your personal information private, safe, and discrete.  The Privacy Policy is designed to help weather if you would like to continue with our service and in what manner.  It will construe how we collect; store and use the information provided by you the client.
Approval to use Information     
The Privacy Policy is an agreement that legally binds you the client (“you”) and us.  Visiting and using the site you agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy.  This policy may be amended from time to time when the company sees fit, without any needed consent or prior notification.  IF AT ANY TIME YOU DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY STOP USING THE SERVICE IMMEDITETLY. 
In addition to this Privacy Policy please also refer to RISK DISCLOURE and TERMS AND CONDITIONS.          
Information that is Collected
Personal Information- We understand that this information may be personal, private, and sensitive in nature.  Personal Information that is collected is your valid first name, last name, and an authentic email address (one that is in use and used on a regular basis).  We will also ask for your country of origin, as well as the country code and an accurate phone number that belongs to you and is in use this moment.  A password will also be asked of you, this is your personal password.  This information will only be asked of you once you agree to these terms and then proceed to register on our site to create your own personal account (“Account”)
What is the Purpose of Compiling this Information?
Reasoning for the collection of your personal information is so that we can better serve you.  Each time the account is logged into it tracks what is exactly viewed and done on the website.  This is to collected for research and statistical purposes, to enable us to develop, customize and improve the service, based on the general consensus of all users, preferences, usage, and interactions.  In addition your information allows us to provide you with any technical assistance or support.  This personal information is aimed at providing you with the service to send you marketing offer on products or services not limiting new hot signals, relevant news and trading signals.  As stated in Terms and Conditions, this is your account, protect your account, and if the account is compromised, contact support as soon as possible. 
Who See’s the information   
The information that is presented through the opening of an account, is kept internally within as well as shared with recommended third party affiliates (  No data or information is at any time sold for any other purpose or use.  We may also share your personal information or any other information we deem fit in special cases if we have good reason.   Comply with law, regulation, or court order, detect, prevent or otherwise address fraud, security, and violation.
Security and Confidentiality
Apex Signals holds your personal information in strict confidentiality, the server in which the data is protected and stored includes all industry protocol, and standard security measures to prevent accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure or access.  However, we cannot completely guarantee the security of your information, and we are not held responsible for any kind of intrusion of personal information.