Terms and Conditions

1. Terms And Conditions
The below describes the terms and conditions, (the “Terms and Conditions”) upon which Apex Signals (the “Company’ or “We” or “Apex Signals”) offers Internet access to the website found at www.apexsignals.com (the “Site”) to you the customer (“You” or “Customer” or “Client”) with respect to weather or not you are an active account holder or use the sites services.
We reserve and hold all rights to amend, change, remove or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time.  Any changes we see fit to make will become active once they have been updated on the site.  Once these changes have been made and updated the continuing usage of the site means that you have accepted the updated Terms and Conditions.  If you do not wish to accept the Terms and Conditions at any point in time you may stop using the site.  We refuse the right to reject any and all amendments that you wish to change or update and will have no force or effect.  Apex signals reserves the right to discontinue or restrict the site for any reason at any given time, without any written or verbal consent.     
2. Accounts
To become an active Client/Member an account must be created with Apex Signals.  With this account you will be able to obtain access to certain services not available to the general public.  To create a valid account you will need to provide full first name and last name, email address, active telephone number (owned by you) country of residence and password.  You must assure that all the registration information is accurate, up to date and truthful.  Once you create your account, you will be responsible of said account especially privacy of username and password.  If these credentials are compromised please contact Apex Signals Support immediately so that we can protect your account.  Apex Signals is not responsible for third party use on your behalf of the account, and all Terms and Conditions will apply.  We Reserve the right to terminate your account at any given time for any reason with no consent.   
Apex Signals offer’s partners or links to websites operated by persons other than Apex Signals.  These partners are affiliated business associates that we recommend are best in the industry (COPERSTONE.COM).  However, because they are registered partners with Apex Signals, does not mean we endorse any of there content, operations, or actions that there officers, employees, directors or agents offer.  You are solely responsible for all actions that are taken once you have left Apex Signals.  We will not be held accountable for any losses or damages that might occur.     
4. Constitutional Restrictions
Without hindering and proceeding you understand that laws regarding financial trading vary throughout the world.  It is your duty to ensure that you fully comply with any and all laws that are applicable in your region or country not holding the site responsible.  Continuance of using the site in a region where there might be stipulations or laws regulating against does not mean that our Services and /or your activities via that site are legal. 
Apex Signals grants you non-transferable, non-exclusive access to the Site.  You can continue to use the Site if you continue to up hold all Terms and Conditions.  You cannot resell, copy and paste any materials presented on the Site or any other purposes without any former written or verbal consent from Apex Signals.  You may not use the site for any offensive, intrusive, obscene, threating, hateful or unlawful activity.  If any of these acts are committed or any acts we see non-fit Apex Signals reserves the right to terminate your use.  Apex Signals holds the right to terminate whenever for whatever without any consent needed, if any Terms and Conditions, rules and guidelines are broken. 
5. Accessing and Usage of the Site
You will be responsible for the ways on which you access the site which may include but do not limit your mobile device, desktop computer, laptop and all connectivity hardware needed to connect to the internet (referred to as “Device” or “Devices”).   You assume all risks associated with the use and storage of information on any of the above Devices through which you will gain access to the Site and Services. 
Apex Signals is not responsible for any harm done, damages, data loss, delays or errors to any of the above-mentioned Devices through accessing the Site.  You will not in any way harm Apex Signals through virus, hacking, or any harmful or inappropriate material.  We hold the right to determine what these harmful factors can consist of, and can terminate your use at any given time. 
6. Force Majeure 
Apex Signals will not be liable in any way to you, any third party or other person in the event of force majeure, including but not limited to the act of any governing body or legal entity or the any data obstruction, loss or any damages to the Device (as stated previously). 
7. Technical Errors
Due to different Internet providers across the world, Apex Signals is not responsible for (including but not limiting) delay, system failure, technical problems, and unauthorized access, security breaches that might occur.  You will not hold Apex Signals or any of its officers responsible for any of the above-mentioned errors.  We do not guarantee that you will be able to access the site at locations or times of your choosing.  Due to geographic regions Apex Signals is not responsible for Internet failure, slow load time, unable to access or error free services.  We are not held liable for any failures to load the site or any of its links or tools. 
8. Rights Reserved    
Apex Signals trademarks, all data, information, logos, trade names, services on the site (referred to as “Data”).  All data is owned and operated by Apex Signals is protected by copyright and trademark laws, and international treaties. You agree that you will not use any copyrighted material for any other purpose other than what was discussed in the Terms and Conditions.  Any tools, images, graphs, videos, lectures displayed on the site, are property of Apex Signals and therefore copy righted.  You agree not to upload, reproduce or administer and of the information tools. 
9. Breach of Terms and Conditions  
You agree to reimburse Apex Signals, its officers, affiliates, directors, and employees instantly upon appeal from and against all claims.  These appeals may include but not limit, damages (mentally/physically) losses, costs, expenses legally and any other fees that might occur.  In any event these Terms and Conditions are breached or violated you will be held accountable in Vanutu Court of Law.  Apex Signals and any of its partners or affiliates reserve the right to take any such action as they see fit, but not limiting cease of any agreement, termination or blocking service of the Site, and/or legal action.  
10. Disclaimer  
Apexsignals.com will not accept any liability for loss or damages as a result of dependency on the information provided by the website including data, charts, technical, fundamental analysis, as well as any educational information. We advise each individual to be fully informed of the risks and costs associated with trading in the financial markets. Trading in the financial markets is not suitable for all investors. Before deciding to trade you should consider your investment objectives, the risk that you’re accepting, and the level of experience.
Apexsignals.com would like to remind you that the information contained in the website are not necessarily real-time or accurate.  We would further like to remind all visitors and members that all CFDs and Forex prices are not provided by exchanges, so prices may not be accurate and may differ from actual market prices. We do not hold any responsibility for any trading losses you might incur as a result of using our data.  APEX SIGNALS ITS DIRECTORS, OFFICERS, AGENTS, AFFILIATES, AND EMPLOYEES, ARE IN NO WAY HELD REPOSNISBLE (BUT NOT LIMITED) FOR ANY INFORMATION, LOSS, LOSS OF PROFITS, DAMAGES, WRONG DOINGS, FINANCIAL LOSS, INJURY, THAT THE INFORMATION OR ITS PARTNERS BRING UPON YOU DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY BY USING THE SITE.